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In-House Design Services

Garco’s in-house design team provides clients with outstanding architectural, engineering and construction design services. Garco has been using the design-build delivery method since 1978 and our in-house design team has completed hundreds of projects. We pride ourselves on developing constructable designs using the latest design technologies. Whether you are remodeling an existing office space or looking to expand your company by constructing a new facility, Garco has the team to provide you with the quality and service you deserve.

In-House Design Team Services

  • Design Services for Design-Build Projects
  • Consulting with Clients on Conceptual Programming & Proposal Drawings
  • Consulting with Building Officials & Agencies
  • Revit & AutoCAD Produced Drawings
  • 3-D Renderings & Animations
  • Provide Stamped Permit Drawings by Licensed Design Professionals
  • Future Growth Proposals
  • 3-D Laser Scanning Services

Design-Build Process

Garco’s in-house design team has completed hundreds of projects in a variety of industries. From airport hangars to schools and warehouses to hospitality facilities, our team has a wide range of knowledge and are experts in pre-engineered metal buildings. Below is the most common process for our design projects to follow.

Conceptual Development: The design team works closely with the client to establish design ideas. Once a basic design is established the client proceeds to work with our estimators and project managers to establish budgetary requirements and construction timelines.

Contract Documents & Drawings: Contract documents and drawings are produced by the design team for the building permit application and project pricing.

Project Pricing: A project manager will work with the design team, client and subcontractors to establish project pricing.

Construction: Garco’s design team and project management staff work with the project superintendent during the construction process to ensure a quality project for the client.

Our design-build team will be involved from the beginning to the end ensuring good communication, accountability and an excellent understanding of what is expected from years of working together. Direct communication and feedback are encouraged between the client, project manager, project superintendent, subcontractors and the designer.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM modeling provides insight into a project during design and development. This allows our designers and the construction team to see in a 3D environment what they may miss in a 2D drawing. BIM helps in the coordination of the various building systems including electrical, mechanical and plumbing, and aids in the visualization of a building. Garco can provide clients with the following BIM services:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Clash Detection Services
  • Schedule Integration

3-D Laser Scanning Services

Garco’s design team features a trained and certified professional to provide 3D scans of rooms, structures, or even whole buildings using our Faro laser scanner. This technology gives us the ability to fully capture a space or building and provide complete measurements in the existing conditions of your project.

3D Scans May Benefit Your Project If You Need:
• To precisely capture complex or irregular shapes that would be nearly impossible to field measure by hand
• Reliable field measurements to 1/16th of an inch
• The ability to reference 3D scans and 360° photo data from your desk at any time to capture measurements and check other existing conditions
• Creates a record of the existing condition for future reference

3D Scans can save your project precious time and money by helping you avoid costly constructability issues.

Contact us to find out if your project would benefit from a 3D.

Featured In-House Design-Build Projects

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Our Design Team

Garco’s in-house design team has five design professionals with more than 70 years of combined experience. Our team includes one licensed architect that leads all Garco in-house design projects and ensures our team delivers high-quality designs that meet the project requirements.

Meet Our Architect

Jason McDonald, AIA

Jason’s passion for design has given him the desire to create structures that emphasize the importance of architectural design while improving functionality. He is a registered architect with more than nine years of experience and an upbringing in construction. Growing up with a background in construction has given him real world experience on the building process and he applies that knowledge to his design method. He has always been interested in the methodology of design and structure, which led him to receive his Master of Architecture degree. Jason’s experience has developed his design skills and ability to manage projects from initial concept, through permitting, and construction administration.

As project architect, Jason manages the overall design effort of the Garco design team. He defines an overall project scope with the project team and develops schematic design for client approval. He also coordinates with outside consultants, manages the creation of deliverables including construction drawings, acquisition of permitting through the local jurisdictions, and renderings of the project. Jason sees the project through the construction phase by answering questions and guiding decisions.

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