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Red Dog Mine: Northwest Alaska

By April 18, 2013 No Comments

The Red Dog Mine is making headlines as a model of responsible resources development and as an economic engine for the area and the State of Alaska. In an article published in the Spring 2013 issue of Alaska Contractor Magazine, the history of the area, the powers who manage the mine and its economic impact on the area are discussed. Found in 1970, by the late Bob Baker, pilot, and prospector, plans to develope the site did not begin until 1982 when NANA, an Alaskan Native Corporation owned by the Inupait people of Northwest Alaska and Teck Alaska, Inc., a diversified mining and metal company began investigating the long lasting effects of the mine, not only on the local communities, but the impact to the natural environment and the traditions of the Inupait. To date, Red Dog Mine is one of the world’s largest zinc mines.
Garco was at the forefront of this booming mining site and continues to be involved with roofing and siding replacement; completing our most recent project in October of 2012. Because of our roots in the industrial construction market and pre-engineered building construction, working for mining facilities all over the West and Alaska was a natural fit for the company. In 1989 we engineered, fabricated and constructed the Mill Concentrate Storage Building. Throughout the 1990’s we designed and constructed the Mill Coarse Ore Storage Cover; then in 1996 we revised and extended the Course Ore Cover providing a large door for equipment access. And in 2000, we erected modular buildings at the Port of Anchorage which were then barged to Red Dog for final installation.

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