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Project Update: Wright Patterson Air Force Base Hydrant Fuel

By February 19, 2024 No Comments

Wright Patterson Air Force Base Hydrant Fuel Project
Location: Dayton, OH
Anticipated Completion: June 2024

Project Summary:

This project replaces the outdated Type II hydrant fuel system at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with a modern Type III hydrant fuel system. Key components of the project include the installation of a new Type III fuel pumphouse capable of delivering fuel at a rate of 2,400 gallons per minute with automated flow control through a PLC-based pump control panel. Additional features include a 4,000-gallon product recovery tank, a truck offload stand, a hydrant hose truck check-out stand, as well as the installation of new underground utilities, 12” underground hydrant fuel loop piping, and aboveground fuel piping ranging from 8” to 16”. The project also includes the construction of two 5,000 BBL aboveground welded steel fuel storage tanks equipped with floating pans, cathodic protection, and secondary containment facilitated by a flexible membrane liner, concrete slabs, and perimeter concrete containment walls.

This upgrade not only modernizes the infrastructure but also doubles the fuel flow delivery capacity, which will expedite the safe and efficient generation of aircraft sorties. Wright-Patterson’s 88th Air Base Wing conducts mission support to Air Mobility Command, Air Force Reserve Command, Secret Service, local government, and humanitarian relief efforts. The current limitations in aircraft refueling impact these operations daily.

Recently completed milestones:

  • Completed commissioning of the pumphouse and two new fuel tanks, which are currently in service

Current Work in Progress:

  • Demolition of pumphouse
  • Demolition of underground storage tanks

Upcoming work:

  • Truck offload footings
  • Truck offload structural steel
  • Truck offload roofing
  • Mechanical piping from pumphouse to truck offload
  • Asphalt
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