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Project Update: SIA Fuel Facility Modernization

By April 17, 2024 No Comments

Spokane International Airport Fuel Facility Modernization
Location: Spokane, WA
Anticipated Completion: May 2024

Project Summary:

The Spokane International Airport Fuel Modernization Project is a phased project that aims to modernize and expand the Airport’s bulk fuel storage facility. SIA’s existing facility consists of three Jet A tanks, a two bay offload facility, and a four bay loading facility. Garco is currently completing phase 1 of the project. In this phase valves and controls were updated along with the programmable logic controller, which acts as the brain of the system. New electrical raceways and wiring were installed, and a catwalk was built to make access to all three tanks easier and safer. Prior to upgrades being completed, Garco needed to figure out a way to keep the facility running without interruption. We achieved this by collaborating with our subcontractors McClintock and Turk, Bay and Associates, and Colvico Electric. The team was able to take one tank out of service at a time and swap out the fill and stripper valves. Once the valves and level alarms were replaced, they were wired and landed in a the new remote I/O panel, which communicates with the control room and PLC. During our second outage, the system was put into manual operation while Bay and Associates switched over the PLC. Once the PLC cutover was completed, two of the three tanks could run on the new system while the third was getting valve and control replacements. A final four-hour outage was needed to drain down the issue lines and swap out older butterfly valves for new motor operated valves. The final valves were field terminated, and the system was tested and put into service. Garco is currently finishing up with lighting upgrades and painting of the entire facility will begin in a couple of weeks. Painting the facility will complete the project.

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