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Project Update: Lewis & Clark High School Renovations & Addition July Update

By July 7, 2020 No Comments

We thought it would be fun to share more project updates with you. Here’s a peak at Lewis & Clark High School Renovations & Addition.

Project Overview:

The Lewis & Clark High School project (Spokane, WA) includes existing classroom renovations and a new two-story complex will add a cafeteria, commons area and nine classrooms. A skywalk will connect the new building to the historic high school above its Howard Street easement.

Anticipated Completion:

Ready for 20-21 school year!

Current Status:

The new Commons Addition building is undergoing commissioning with site work being completed in the next few weeks.  The renovation to some of the classrooms in the existing building are underway and will be ready for school this fall.  This renovation will produce two refreshed science rooms, three classrooms, and three office spaces.