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Project Update: Gray Army Airfield Hot Refueling

By April 30, 2021 No Comments

Project Summary:

The Gray Army Airfield Hot Refueling Project is a joint venture project with Nisqually Construction on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The work includes fuel storage, bulk load/offload capability, an operations building, and supporting infrastructure to provide three hot fueling positions at Gray Army Airfield for rapid refueling of rotary wing aircraft and incidental related work. The main component of this project is the four 50,000-gallon aviation fuel storage tanks. These tanks traveled approximately 2,500 miles by semi to reach their new home on the Gray Army Airfield.

Anticipated Completion:


Current Status:

In the last 18 months Nisqually Construction and Garco, along with our subcontractors have installed:

  • Three hot refueling pads totaling for 1320 CY yards of airfield concrete paving
  • Six pantograph fueling systems for rapid fueling at hot refueling pads
  • Four 50,000-gallon aviation fuel storage tanks
  • One 5,000-gallon diesel tank
  • One 1,000-gallon product recovery tank
  • An 18-foot canopy with 18 supporting columns
    • With two fuel fill stands and two fuel offload stands covering ≈8,500 sf below
  • A 14-foot canopy with four supporting columns
    • With an intricate fuel filter separating system below
  • ≈8,000 yards of top soil
  • ≈7,500 sf of high security fencing
  • ≈2,600 lf underground fuel network system
  • ≈246,650 sf of asphalt paving with ≈168,750 sf being a new airfield taxiway
  • ≈10,000 lbs. of rebar
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