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University District Gateway Bridge Celebration

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Garco Construction Joins the Community to Celebrate the New University District Gateway Bridge
Spokane, Wash. —

Garco Construction is delighted to be a part of the new University District Gateway Bridge community celebration on Tuesday, May, 7, 2019. “The project was a pleasure for the team at Garco to work on,” says Project Manager Tim Hutton, “This bike and pedestrian bridge provides healthy, inexpensive alternatives to increased traffic congestion for those living, working, studying and playing in the University District and the emerging South University neighborhood.”

University District Gateway Bridge Fun Facts

120 feet | the height of the Arch
That’s about six times the height of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

312 tons | total rated weight for the bridge
That’s the equivalent of 48 elephants

3,688 feet | of tension cable used for the bridge
That’s just over 10 football fields in length 

48,000 man-hours | total to complete the bridge
That’s like 2,000 days of time

0 | lost time incidents
It was a very safe project

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