The new 91,000 SF Taylor Sports Complex ensures that student-athletes have a safe place to train year-round, regardless of weather conditions. The new facility replaces the former indoor practice facility known as “the bubble,” which was a pressurized ‘air supported structure’.  When the bubble was first built in 2002 it was built atop a foundation originally meant for a future permanent structure type indoor practice facility.  The “bubble” was intended to be a temporary solution until funding allowed for a permanent building to be purchased and installed. 20+ years later that dream and vision are becoming a reality.  The Garco/Design West Architects/AECOM 3-part design-build team were able to create a new project design that utilized the existing foundation and geotechnical work that had been completed years ago.  Due to new code requirements and an increase in building size the foundation had to be structurally retrofit/modified to provide ample structural support and anchorage.  Despite the necessity to retrofit the foundation, the reuse of existing foundation footprint saved significant money and time.  These savings allowed the new build to accommodate a full size football field, indoor sprint track, pits, interior restrooms and other support spaces.

The new building utilizes a custom engineered metal structure to efficiently clear span the large distances and heights required for indoor football, soccer, baseball, track, and a multitude of other sports and activities. It includes a full 120-yard football field, regulation soccer field, dedicated sprint lanes and jump pits for the track and field program, improved lighting, and enhanced cameras, which will be able to capture multiple angles of practice. Translucent panels on the structure’s high walls will bring a nice architectural feature and enhance natural lighting across the sports fields.  State-of-the-art impact proof controllable LED fixtures will assure a bright and productive environment. The design also includes permanent infrastructure for premier audio/video technology for coaches to utilize with multiple access points to provide ultimate function and flexibility.  This new facility will have both efficient heating and cooling capacities that were lacking previously providing WSU ultimate flexibility to condition the space year round as desired.