This project replaces the aging Type II hydrant fuel system with a modern Type III hydrant fuel system. Project features include a new type III fuel pumphouse capable of delivering fuel at a rate of 2,400 gpm with automated flow control provided by a PLC based pump control panel. Other project features include a 4,000 gallon product recovery tank, truck offload stand, hydrant hose truck check-out stand, new underground utilities, 12” underground hydrant fuel loop piping and aboveground fuel piping ranging from 8” up to 16”, two each 5,000 BBL aboveground welded steel fuel storage tanks with floating pans, cathodic protection, and secondary containment provided by a flexible membrane liner, concrete slabs and perimeter concrete containment walls. This project more than doubles the fuel flow delivery to aircraft which is required to expedite safe and efficient generation of aircraft sorties. Wright-Patterson’s 88th air base wing conducts mission support to Air Mobility Command, Air Force Reserve Command, Secret Service, local government, and humanitarian relief that suffer daily due to competing demands of aircraft refueling.