Garco Construction was the design-builder for the design and construction of this new Command and Control Mission Support Facility
(C2MSF) for JPRA’s Command and Administration, Maintenance Administration/Resources, J-6 Communications, Human Factors, J-7 and unclassified training areas. Garco teamed up with Bernardo Wills Architects and Coffman Engineers for this project. The team designed and constructed the approximately 29,000 SF facility which houses 57 permanent staff that were relocated from other facilities at White Bluff. Related site improvements included a 14-foot wide one-way looped visitor drop-off/pickup drive aisle with reserved parking for three (3) 9’x20′ parallel parking stalls located near the facility’s main entry and a 30-foot wide service driveway to the facility’s exterior covered storage/staging areas and access to electrical and mechanical rooms. Terminus of service drive included six (6) 9’x20′ parking stalls for Government-owned vehicles, providing turning radii to allow delivery trucks and emergency vehicles a means to turn-around and exit the site. Other site improvements included new utilities, storm water drainage, landscaping and enhance pedestrian connections to and from the building, parking areas, and adjacent facilities.