Garco is currently working as the concrete subcontractor on the Washington State Convention Center Addition (also known as “Summit Building”). The 1.5 million square foot addition to the existing Convention Center in Seattle, WA includes approx. 150,000 SF of heavy load exhibit space with direct drive-in access, 100,000 SF of Flex Hall, 100,000 SF of meeting/conference spaces, 60,000 SF of ballroom spaces, and 27,000 SF of garden terrace.

The project is split into three phases of construction with Garco providing support on all phases.

Phase 1 – Convention Center

Includes the exhibit, conference, ballroom, etc spaces listed above. (The Convention Center is a 14-story steel structure.)

Phase 2 – Olive Way

Includes temporary relocation of the existing Olive Way street in downtown and construction of a new “bridge deck” that will allow the project to operate underneath Olive Way.

Phase 3 – North of Olive Way

Provides drive-in access to the main convention center exhibit hall and provides building pads for a future 16-story office tower and 29-story apartment building.


Some photos credit: Tim Rice Photography —->