Garco Construction was the prime contractor on this project. The bridge is 450 feet long and the arc is 120 feet tall. The total rate weight for the bridge is 312 tons. It uses 3,688 feet of tension cable and took 48,000 total man-hours to complete.

The University District Gateway Bridge is the first infrastructure project within the (UDSC) University District-Sprague Corridor and will likely serve as the beginning of the redevelopment envisioned for the area. The project had several funding sources which were managed by the City of Spokane. Construction began in March of 2017 and was completed in December 2018.

The innovative design performed by KPFF Consulting Engineers, Seattle, WA, provides a 450’ long bridge. The structure is highlighted by the 120’ tall center Arch Pylon and cable stayed spans of 240’ and 170’ providing access over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Each landing provides pedestrians with optional stair or 15’ wide Concrete paved pedestrian ramp access to sidewalks and streets.

The structure offered several challenges including construction of the 120’ tall Arch Pylon. The arch is positioned between BNSF and MLK Way within a narrow strip of land. The limited space provided crews with access challenges and required railroad flagging throughout the construction of the arch. While arch construction was a major focus early on in the project, the remaining substructure was constructed in anticipation of the steel girders to be set in four segments with the curved span at the north landing being constructed piece by piece.

Once the steel girder segments were set and the pylon construction complete the structure began to take shape with the steel cable stays stretching across the two major spans. The structure was finished with a concrete deck with curb and decorative fencing. Each landing provides pedestrians with decorative retaining walls and landscaping along the pathway.


American Public Works Association, National & Chapter (WA), Project of the Year, 2021