Garco Construction was the concrete subcontractor for this project. The 2.6 million-square-foot, four-story robotic fulfillment center is on a nearly 80-acre site northeast of Interstate 90-Medical Lake interchange and just southwest of Spokane International Airport.

“Over the past 16 months, I had the pleasure of working with Garco Construction on Project Rose in Spokane, Washington. In the brief pre-construction period, I was able to work with and get to know numerous Garco executives as well as the pre-construction and Project Rose operations teams. During the pre-construction phase, the Garco team worked tirelessly to get to know the project, to understand the quality requirements and to understand the very aggressive schedule requirements. They toured similar projects in other states that Layton had completed or had under construction to ensure they understood the challenge that they accepted. Garco shared their local knowledge and experience with Layton so our eyes were wide open coming into a project that would run through a Spokane winter.

Once we moved into the construction phase, Garco performed at a very high level and exceeded the expectations we had as well as those of our client and their tenant (end user). Garco provided skilled management as well as skilled craftspeople to meet the aggressive schedule and quality requirements. It is construction, so when things went wrong or didn’t go as planned, Garco stepped up to bring solutions to problems regardless of the problem’s origin. Garco met or more often than not, exceeded all the quality requirements for the foundations, slabs on grade and slabs on metal deck. Layton Construction truly appreciates Garco’s partnership in helping make Project Rose a success.” – Kevin Charves, Vice President Layton Construction