Concourse C is 98,000 SF including a passenger terminal and ticket counters with automated baggage handling facilities, new 14,000 SF baggage claim building and skywalk, elevator tower connecting Concourse C to the parking garage, asphalt pavement for airfields and new PCC aprons, all new site utilities, water, storm, sewer and gas. The scope of work not only included construction of a very complex building, but also included airfield lighting, hot-mix asphalt paving for airfields, PCC aprons and extensive underground utilities. This project required critical coordination with Airport Management, Airfield Management, Operations and Security Police.

Garco Construction was the prime contractor for this project. Garco developed and implemented a very detailed FOD Control and Security Plan to escort 50 to 100 people into and out of a FAA secure area each day and also transport all of the building materials required to construct the new Baggage Claim Building into the FAA secure area and across active Aircraft Taxiways and Parking Aprons.