This 57,600 SF design-build project consolidated the City’s fleet services and solid waste collection centers into one campus. The vehicle maintenance facility is 44,000 SF and includes 17 large heavy vehicle maintenance bays, eight light vehicle maintenance bays, bridge cranes, welding area, parts room, tool shop, and storage area. In addition to the service facility the center also features 13,600 SF of administration space and offices. Within the facility there is conference room space for over 100 drivers to use daily. The drivers use the space to meet for conferences, training and daily dispatch. This building complies with LEED criteria, and is LEED Silver Certifiable.

Throughout design development, our team scheduled informal meetings with individual designated representatives from the City to further confirm our understanding of their needs and evaluate how their needs compare to the program requirements. This project also included a compressed natural gas fueling facility for the City’s solid waste vehicles.