This new aircraft hydrant fueling system constructed by Garco at Selfridge Air National Guard Base is a DOD Type III system that serves eight aircraft parking spots and was constructed within the controlled flight line area of Selfridge Air National Guard Base, an active U.S. Department of Defense airfield that serves the KC-135 Refueler and other large airframe, fixed-wing aircraft. The hydrant fueling system at Selfridge AFB included new construction of fuel storage tanks, a pump house, a piping system that is high pressure and closed loop, with the following features of work: 7,600 LF of underground fuel piping, cathodic piping protection, tightness testing, and installation of controls. To complete the work, Garco also constructed one hydrant hose truck checkout stand, two bottom loading truck fill stands, two truck offload stations, and a pig launcher/receiver. Work also included removal and replacement of 60,000 SF of PCC airfield pavement.

Through pre-construction planning, Garco proposed an alternate project phasing plan that shortened the overall duration of construction on the aircraft apron from two years to one year and shortened the overall project duration by eight months.