The goal of the Northwood Middle School modernization and addition project was to meet both the needs of an updated modern middle school and a Mead community with a growing population. The project was designed to emphasize durability, energy efficiency, and creativity to allow for continued learning for many generations to come.

The project consisted of adding a new 103,000 SF two story building and modernizing 17,000 SF of the existing Northwood Middle School, in addition to adding a bus traffic loop, new parent drop-off and parking lot, and new playfields irrigated by a new well on-site. The primary education classrooms are on two levels and three wings allowing smaller communities of localized classrooms within the expansive building.

Garco Construction served as the prime contractor for this GC-CM project. Utilizing the ECCM and MCCM process for this project allowed for primary subcontractors to be integral to the pre-construction planning and incorporate quality and cost savings.