The Mead Market Street Complex features an incredible state-of-the-art 4,500 seat stadium, 65,000 square foot elementary school, numerous optimum performance multi-purpose playfields, 110 bus capacity Mead/Mt Spokane transportation co-op facility, and a centralized district-wide maintenance facility. Improvements also included remodeling of the existing gymnasium buildings providing structural upgrades, additional restrooms, a new main entry, and updates to HVAC, lighting, fire alarm, and security systems.
This large, very complex, multi-phased project took place on a 54-acre occupied campus. Projects consisted of several smaller sub-projects, each with varied building types and materials including conventional structural steel/steel stud framing, structural CMU, custom stadia structure, structural wood framing, and pre-engineered metal buildings along with a wide array of finishes. The work involved over 60 local contractors orchestrating to accomplish the overall project.

Overall site improvements include road improvements at all abutting roadways. Roads previously in poor condition or devoid of asphalt were re-constructed with new utility infrastructure, a sound road base, and new asphalt pavement.

Photo credit: Tony Roslund