Garco Construction was the prime contractor for two projects at the Lucky Friday Mine Unit.

Project 1) New Hoist House
Installation of a new hoist to facilitate men and material shipments in the existing silver shaft. Complete building and hoist foundations, erect pre-engineered metal building (PEMB), construct metal control room cab (approximately 225  SF), assist with crane rail installation for 30-ton bridge crane.

Project 2) Coarse Ore Bunker:
Replacement of two silo type coarse ore bins with one larger bunker type. This project incorporates the existing reclaim conveyors and tunnels, plus one existing conveyor that currently feeds the bins. Work included:

  • Foundation for new conveyor support tower
  • Modification of reclaim conveyor
  • Below grade segment of new bunker walls, including all backfill to subgrade elevation
  • Completing main bunker concrete walls to finish elevation
  • Misc. concrete work including bunker interior slab, tie-back foundation and repairing exterior reinforced concrete paving
  • Erecting new support tower for feed conveyor
  • Extend feed conveyor
  • Demo and remove old silver shaft ore bin shell