The new moorage facility consists of a reinforced concrete wharf approximately 300 feet in length and 40 feet in width. The wharf was fabricated using a combination  of cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete.

The wharf structure consists of pre-cast cap beams and pre-cast slabs set on top of (32) 4’-6” diameter reinforced concrete drilled shafts, approximately 50 feet deep with 8-foot deep rock sockets. A cast-in-place topping slab and in-fill ties the drilled shafts, cap beams, and pre-cast slabs together. One floating plant and drill rig were required for installation of the drilled shafts. The mooring dolphin consists of a 15-foot diameter concrete shaft, approximately 40 feet in length, drilled and anchored approximately 20 feet into bedrock. The mooring dolphin has a permanent steel casing, mooring cleats, fender system, and a cast-in-place top slab.

Other work included excavation, trenching for utilities, asphalt repair, installation of fender systems, mooring cleats, mooring bits, potable water lines, compressed air lines, electrical receptacles, area lighting, traffic bollards, and fabrication of a movable access stairway.