This was a design-build barracks project consisting of two each 94 person barracks and two each 68 person barracks to house a total of 324 soldiers within a maximum gross area of 120,956 square feet. The project was designed to meet the U.S. Army’s 3rd Brigade Architectural Style and JBLM’s base design guidelines. In addition, the design draws on massing and visual cues of adjacent buildings including horizontal and vertical surface patterning to arrange the building elements into a cohesive, harmonious and complementary design. Exterior walls were constructed using brick veneer over Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) which provided solid massing that performs very well both thermally and acoustically to provide a quiet and comfortable interior environment. The four buildings were designed and constructed to meet sustainable design criterial including USGBC LEED Silver certification and exceeded ASHRAE 90.1 standards by 40%. This project also required coordination with multiple stakeholders including USACE, JBLM DPW, and the Army’s end user group. Garco was a joint venture partner under TSS-Garco Joint Venture which was the Prime Design-Build Contractor for this project.