The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Seattle District (NWS) selected WHH Nisqually-Garco Joint Venture to provide full-depth construction of a retail fuel facility on JBLM-Lewis Main to support installation and transient tactical and non-tactical vehicles. New facilities include a controls building, fuel gauging and monitoring systems, fuel storage tanks, and fueling receipt and dispensing equipment. Supporting facilities include utilities, electric service, paving, fuel spill containment, storm drainage, on-site storm runoff infiltration facilities, and site preparation.

The new fuel storage tanks contain kerosene (e.g., aviation turbine fuel (F24), diesel) and mogas fuel types, with one type per tank. They are horizontal aboveground tanks and include all associated piping, pumps, vents, hatches, automatic tank gauging, independent alarm systems, platforms, railings, ladders, foundations, supports, and all other necessary incidentals.

The new truck unloading points were constructed to serve each fuel storage tank per its type of fuel. This work also included refueler truck unload containment areas as well as all mechanical equipment, pumps, grounding, piping, and all other necessary incidentals.