Mt. Stuart will be a 57, 486 SF school replacing the original 34,100 square foot building that was built in 1967 and a 6,730 square foot gymnasium that was added on in 1993. The new approximately 500 student K-5 school is being built on the existing Mt. Stuart site. The new school consists of new general classrooms, special education/resource rooms, library, kitchen, gymnasium, commons, music room to accommodate band/choir program, administrative, counseling and educational support spaces. Once completed, students/staff and resources will occupy the new school and the existing structure will be abated and demolished. Final site and playground landscaping would be completed in this phase.

Ida Nason Aronica Elementary will be a 53,837 SF brand new school constructed to serve approximately 500 students on a 15.29-acre site. The facility will house general classrooms, secure entry, a gymnasium, interactive educational/outdoor learning and play areas, a warming kitchen, cafeteria, administrative and counseling offices/spaces, and site improvements include landscaping, new utility services, pedestrian, traffic, life safety circulation and parking. The project site includes coordination with many on and off site local, state, public utility and federal stakeholders due to the site’s perimeter boundaries with a State Parks and Recreation recreational trail; an Ellensburg Irrigation Ditch channel on the property’s east boundary; several Bonneville Power easements on the north and west boundaries, an onsite City of Ellensburg’s 1.5 acre well easement and a 1.7-acre characterized wetland.