Mt. Stuart is a 57,486 SF school replacing the original 34,100 square foot building dating back to 1967 and a 6,730 square foot gymnasium that was added on in 1993. The new approximately 500 student K-5 school was built on the existing Mt. Stuart site. The new school consists of new general classrooms, special education/resource rooms, library, kitchen, gymnasium, commons, music room to accommodate band/choir program, administrative, counseling and educational support spaces.

Ida Nason Aronica Elementary is a brand new 53,837 SF school constructed to serve approximately 500 students on a 15.29-acre site. The facility features general classrooms, secure entry, a gymnasium, interactive educational/outdoor learning and play areas, a warming kitchen, cafeteria, administrative and counseling offices/spaces, and site improvements including landscaping, new utility services, pedestrian, traffic, life safety circulation and parking.

Photo Credit: Ed Sozinho