Garco Construction is the general contractor for the Trent Bridge Replacement project. The State determined this bridge was due for removal and replacement. The Garco team has been working closely with the State, WA Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as Ecology to ensure work is within permit requirements for working in the river. This has included testing the water frequently and maintaining our turbidity curtains; the team has been testing the excavated soils to check for contamination.

This project started in the summer of 2020 with the demolition of the west half of the bridge and installation of new piers 1 and 2. Earlier summer 2021 Garco installed the access pad on the east side of the river, finished demolition of the old bridge and started construction on the remaining piers 3 through 5. Other recent activities include digging pier shafts, pouring columns and prepping for the crossbeams. We also want to give a shout out to our awesome subcontractors working on these recent activities shown in some of these photos: Michels (digging the shafts), Tri-States (rebar) and Eller Corporation (material hauling).