The project was a heavy civil project and was constructed entirely on a rocky mountain slope. It included construction of the Upper Portal Access Road and other access and circulation roads on site.

Site work included excavation, embankment and grading of the Upper, Lower and Gold Bowl Portal Pads. We also excavated, embanked and graded the storm water detention and retention ponds.

Garco constructed facilities at the Upper and Lower Portal Pads, De-siltation Basin, Mine Water Building, Administration Building, Change Facility, Shop Building, Covered Fueling Station and Core Building. The project also required installing piping for potable water distribution, process water distribution, mine water collection, sewage collection, and storm water routing.

Other project features include installation of:

  • compressed air piping and owner supplied compressor packages
  • liquid propane gas distribution lines
  • main substation and the power distribution network to the surface facilities
  • Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system
  • communication systems
  • wells, chlorination facility and bolted steel water tank for potable water system
  • bolted steel process water tank
  • septic tanks and drainfield for domestic sewage treatment system
  • piping, dosing tanks, and infiltration gallery for mine water disposal system
  • lined mine water surge pond and vertical turbine pumping system
  • five dewatering wells, pumps and controls to capture groundwater
  • perimeter, surge pond, potable well, and substation fences
  • Owner-provided mine water treatment system, scale, sample tower
  • Owner-leased propane tanks and vaporizers
  • Owner-provided back-fill plant and shotcrete system