Located in Pullayup, Wash., The Ballou Junior High School project is the Puyallup School District’s first GC-CM project. The project is well-suited for the GC-CM delivery method because the work is immersed in occupied facilities. Ballou’s campus has four existing buildings of varying ages, connected by outdoor courtyards and pathways. The overall campus includes two other occupied schools, New Firgrove Elementary and Old Firgrove Elementary. Old Firgrove is temporarily serving as the home for Karshner Elementary which burned down in an Independence Day arson tragedy last year. Once Karshner is rebuilt, the Old Firgrove building is scheduled for demolition as part of this project. Ballou’s existing library is being replaced with a brand new library in a new 17,100 SF stand-alone building along with six new classrooms and two new science classrooms. The existing library space will be remodeled to accommodate special education programs. Ballou is the only middle school in the district without an auxiliary gym, so this project also includes a 4,700 SF aux gym addition.