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Meet the Team Monday February & March Wrap-Up

By March 29, 2021 No Comments

We love sharing our Meet the Team Monday post series on social media where we can introduce you to new staff and get to know our existing team. So we thought it’d be nice to round up all the staff featured each month in a blog post to have on our site. We hope you enjoy learning more about our team too!

Get to Know Garco: Meet the Team Monday February & March Featured Team

Senior Project Engineer Amelia DeMar has been with Garco for seven years and is currently working on the three elementary school projects for the Ellensburg School District. Amelia enjoys that her role allows to meet new people and build new relationships for every project. She says, “Every project brings something new, and there is an endless amount of paths to reach a solution. The problem solving aspect of this role requires outside of the box thinking every day. Being involved in every aspect of a project, from design, to budgeting, to building, and diving into different scopes of work allows you to learn new things. You’re constantly expanding your knowledge base.” She likes that Garco prioritizes people, integrity and honesty in every aspect. She adds, “It’s great to work for a company that is willing to go the extra mile for its customers, employees and business partners for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. It’s easy to carry a sense of pride in your work when that happens.”
Outside of work Amelia is spending time with her family (pictured with her here!). She shares, “My kiddos and husband are my favorite people to be with in my spare time. We recently added a Great Pyrenees “pup” to our family, and he keeps us on our toes!” She also likes to do a lot of cooking when she is home, and the family spends most of their summers down on Lake Roosevelt.
Kelli Hagman joins Garco as the Graphics and Media Manager and is working out of our Spokane office. She’s been working in graphic design for more than eight years. Coming from the marketing/advertising industry, she is excited to bring her talents to the Garco team to help further build, support and elevate the Garco brand in everything from collateral to our online presence … and all those things in between! Kelli says, “I’m excited for this new opportunity and growth.”
Outside of work Kelli enjoys many outdoor activities with family and friends such as hiking, kayaking, camping, golf and softball. She says, “I love exploring the beautiful area we live in and traveling to new places as often as possible. And of course, spending time with my husband (pictured with her here) and my dogs!”


Site Safety & Health Officer Mike Long has been with Garco for 20 years and is currently working at the Washington State Convention Center Addition project in Seattle, WA. Mike says, “I like that Garco is a family oriented company that takes care of their employees.” Outside of work Mike enjoys camping, fishing, metal detecting, and playing games with his girl and his family.



Corporate Safety & Health Director Patrick True. Patrick works out of the Spokane office, and frequently visits all of the Garco job sites. He’s been with Garco for over two years and says, “There are two parts that I like the most about my role. The first is that I love training people and seeing that moment that things click in their eyes and knowing that what they just learned could save lives, or at the very least make their job safer and easier. The second is the unique and consist challenges each project presents.”
Outside of work Patrick’s biggest passion is his family. That is closely followed by his love for learning and teaching martial arts. Patrick says, “I have been taking martials arts on and off for the past 32 years. I have a black belt in Aikido and several other advance belts in various disciplines. I am currently working towards my black belt in American Kenpo.” When he’s not working on his martial arts, he enjoys spending time renovating his house or playing referee to his two little boys. (He’s pictured here with son Theo.



Corporate Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Director Paul Lucas has been with working with Garco for more than 13 years, and has been a full-time staff member for 11 years. Paul enjoys his wide range of duties, as well as the opportunity to work with field team and office staff. Paul shares, “My job as a pilot is very unique and specialized and allows me to work with several entities outside of Garco to maintain my training and proficiency requirements, as well as maintain a standard of performance and technical knowledge.” Paul also assists with job site drone photography, FAFB base relations, and likes supporting the safety department as needed too.
Outside of work Paul enjoys spending time with his family (pictured with him here: his wife Jessica, son Paull III, and son Benjamin). They like hiking Mount Spokane and fishing the local lakes together. The Lucas family also loves to cook. Paul’s wife comes from a family of executive chefs so they all love to spend time in the kitchen. Paul also likes to read. He says, “Typically I am reading several books at a time, as is my wife Jessica. I prefer non-fiction works and also like to read up on aircraft technical manuals and procedures.”


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