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Hard Work Reels in the Fun

By December 4, 2019 June 2nd, 2022 No Comments

As the concrete subcontractor at the Washington State Convention Center addition in Seattle, Washington, Garco has a talented crew devoted to this job. It is actually the largest single job site that our company has ever worked on. The site is complex and the job demands a great deal from the site leadership team and crew every single day. (Check out our post about the record number of cranes at this site here.)
This past summer and fall, the Washington State Convention Center crew put in a lot of long hours and over time to help keep the project on schedule. The team consistently worked 50 to 60 hours per week during this time. This great effort required many to give up their weekends and spend numerous weeks away from home. Garco’s on-site management wanted to reward this hard work and dedication and came up with the idea for a company-sponsored fishing trip on the Snake River and Salmon River located in the heart of Idaho’s unique Hells Canyon Wilderness.
One chilly November weekend, Garco flew sixteen of its employees from Seattle to Eastern Washington. The group included workers, foreman and supervisors. From there, Garco chartered a bus to transport the group 60 miles south to the Hells Canyon Lodge at Heller Bar on the Snake River. A local guide service, Hells Canyon Sportfishing, provided guided services, fully catered meals and cozy accommodations for two nights.
The group piled in the three jet boats and headed out steelhead fishing each day and explored 25 miles of the Snake River upstream past the confluence of the Salmon River and the Imnaha River in search of the best opportunities to catch steelhead. The steelhead that were caught on the trip had recently traveled over 500 miles from the Pacific Ocean up the Columbia River and Snake River past eight dams. Each person on the trip caught a steelhead. This is impressive because of the low return numbers of steelhead that made that return from the Pacific this year.
Thank you to everyone for your hard work and we hope the trip created lifelong memories!

Thanks again for the trip, it was awesome.

Rob BliesnerCarpenter Foreman

Thank you for a very fun and memorable weekend!

Job LambCarpenter Foreman

I had a blast. The first day fishing, I caught the first fish. The second day I caught the most. Thank you Garco!

Michelle AdelblueCarpenter Foreman

We had great accommodations. Doug, the boat captain, put us on the fish both days. I caught the biggest fish of the weekend. Thank you - it was a great trip!

Don VealeCarpenter Foreman

I had an awesome time. The best fishing trip I ever had. I caught the most fish by far. Would love to do it again and again. Thanks Garco - this is one for the books!

Rob SummersSuperintendent
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