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Garco & Staff Live United: Supporting United Way

By December 9, 2019 No Comments

For more than 40 years, Garco has been a supporter of the Spokane County United Way. Since 2000 (the year the current donor software dates back to), Garco and staff donations have raised $481,655. Staff members can elect to have donations done as automatic payroll deductions. For each employee that participates, the company provides a matching donation of fifty cents for every dollar.
Spokane County United Way Community Outreach and Development Manager Drew Curry shares that, “payroll deduction is our most popular form of payment. It’s efficient: lower fundraising costs mean more money is invested in our community. It’s convenient: you decide what to contribute and it comes right out of your paycheck a little at a time. It’s secure and confidential: your payroll deduction is handled by your employer and automatically ends should you leave your job for any reason. Contributors may also write a check, give cash or use a credit card with no additional charge to make their gift to Spokane County United Way.”
For 2020, Garco staff and officers, along with the matching company funds, have committed $53,930 to the Spokane County United Way. Garco President Clancy Welsh says, “We are proud of the commitment our employees make each and every year to support the goals of Spokane County United Way.  Spokane has given Garco so many great opportunities to help build our community, we feel it is important that we recognize our blessings and give back to help United Way improve the health, education and financial stability of our great community.”
Spokane County United Way fights to support safe homes free of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, increase high school graduation rates, and improve the financial stability of families.
The Garco team is excited about the impact their donations will make to the community. The total donation amount could:

  • Provides 82 children with one month of full-time quality childcare for pre-school-aged children, or
  • Provides 82 weeks of street outreach to homeless youth, or
  • Provides 103 children a year of club activities and one week at summer camp, or
  • Provides 154 families with emergency rental assistance, or
  • Provides 207 teens with depression or suicidal thoughts professional support

Senior Project Manager Rob Decker participates in the Garco United Way payroll deduction donation program. He shares,“It’s important to my family and I to give back to our community any chance we can. One of the great ways we do this is by donating to the United Way.  We are also fortunate to be a part of the Garco family who places value in giving back to our community and to the United Way as well.”
If you are interested in getting involved with Spokane County United Way, visit here to learn more about ways to volunteer or give. United Way can serve as a philanthropic advisor to your organization. Spokane County United Way Community Outreach and Development Manager Drew Curry says, “You can be confident that your personal investments create impact locally in a way that supports healthy family relationships, increases high school graduation rates and improves the financial stability of families. When you give to Spokane County United Way, you help support community partnerships, collaborations and programs that we know achieve measurable results. Spokane County United Way is committed to ensuring that your charitable investment is well spent and improves people’s lives locally.”

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