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What’s it like being an intern at Garco? Well, we’re going to show you! We’ve started interviewing our interns to find out what the experience is like for them and what they are learning about the industry and Garco that will help them as they move forward with their careers.

Meet Sam Bown. He’s been interning with Garco since 2018 and gotten to work on projects like Franklin Elementary School, Shiloh Hills Elementary School and Mead Market Street Complex project. He’s gotten to gain experience in operations and maintenance manuals, punch lists, submittals, RFIs and ASIs. This summer, he’s out at the Ridgeline High School site. At Ridgeline, he’s been working on ASIs, RFIs, submittals and assisting with COVID-19 safety and management.

Sam is going to school for an engineering degree with the hopes of becoming a professional engineer. He says, “I have always enjoyed math and problem-solving. I should be graduating from the program next summer (2021).” One of the biggest influences in Sam’s career path has been his father. He shares, “My dad was an electrician, and he is now the director of buildings and grounds for the Mead School District. His work in the construction industry has been a big influence for me. The combination of construction and math in the field of engineering also seemed like the perfect fit for me.”

Sam toured Northwood Middle School during construction, discovering it was one of Garco’s projects. He got to meet some of the team and that spurred his interest in doing an internship with

Garco. His internship has provided some unique experiences that have given him additional perspective to take with him into his career. “I often find there is a large disconnect between designers and the field,” Sam says, “Being able to understand both perspectives is an advantage I will have when entering the field of design.”

His favorite experiences in his time with Garco include, “Working on the Franklin Elementary School project, or being a part of the demolition of the old Mead Middle School,” he shares, ” I really enjoy the historical projects. I find old architecture and engineering interesting.”

For other students considering a career in the A/E/C industry, Sam offers this insight from his experience thus far, “This is an industry that largely consists of problem-solving and human interaction. If you enjoy learning every day from either experiences, or new people, then this is a great industry for you.”

Thanks for sharing your insights Sam; the Garco team is wishing you much success as you finish your education and pursue your career!


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