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What’s it like being an intern at Garco? Well, we’re going to show you! We’ve started interviewing our interns to find out what the experience is like for them and what they are learning about the industry and Garco that will help them as they move forward with their careers.

Meet Harry Curry. He says, “Working at Garco has been a truly life changing experience.” Harry has interned with Garco for two summers now. The first job site he worked at was the Spokane Regional Water Reclamation Facility. While on site, he got to do things like handle and deal with RFIs, submittals, and work with subcontractors. In the office he got to gain insight on estimating projects, do research on different job site hazards, make safety pamphlets, as well as process and create informational binders for on-site hazards or equipment.

Harry chose to pursue a career in the A/E/C Industry because he enjoys working on houses and helping out his family with rental properties. He says, “I wanted to learn a bit more and see if I could do that one day as well. This internship has helped me guide my interest and inexperience into the motivation for a career that I am happy with and in a capacity that I feel I can succeed.”

He was interested in interning at Garco because he loved the work that he had seen the company do and how much they have given back to the community. He notes, “I also really enjoyed the history of the company and the ground-up story because I didn’t think that this was still possible in today’s world.”

While on site, and in the office, he asked what advice some of the foreman, superintendents, and project managers have and he shares, “Almost every answer was the same: never stop learning because even if you have been in it for 50 years you never have it all down. My take-away from this is that once you close-off your brain, you choose to disregard new ideas which may become the next big one.”

His favorite thing, and most exciting thing, about his time at Garco has been observing and watching a site go from dirt to massive structures. “All the moving parts and everything working smoothly is truly amazing. I have enjoyed my time at Garco,” Harry says.

Harry will be finishing up college in the next year. We’re excited to see where his future takes him and  glad he got to experience this time with the Garco team!

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