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Garco Intern Insider with Ethan Burleigh

By July 10, 2020 No Comments

What’s it like being an intern at Garco? Well, we’re going to show you! We’ve started interviewing our interns to find out what the experience is like for them and what they are learning about the industry and Garco that will help them as they move forward with their careers.

Meet Ethan Burleigh. He’s been interning with Garco for around 10 months now and will continue to do so as he finishes up his senior year at Eastern Washington University. He’s currently working on the Lewis & Clark High School Classrooms and Commons Addition project.  Ethan has been gaining experience and knowledge with RFI’s, CP’s, as-builts, etc.  and is currently working on the closeout side of the project, as they are nearing our turn-over date for the Lewis & Clark project.

Ethan was interested in a construction career path because construction and engineering have always been a passion of his. He says, “I love to know how things work and seeing the process from start to finish.” In 2019, Ethan worked for an earthwork contractor in the private sector and that experience drove his passion even further. He notes, “After that, I knew I wanted to further my knowledge and continue to feed my interest of the industry.”

His Garco internship has offered him the insight and experience he needed to know for sure that he wants to pursue a rewarding career in the industry. Ethan says his favorite part has been, “Getting to transition to an on-site position after spending time in the main office. This opportunity has made me love what I do even more, and has made me so thankful to be a part of Garco.”

For other students considering a career path in the A/E/C industry, Ethan offers the following advice, “DO IT. In my opinion the job and the industry are very diversified, and you are constantly facing new challenges and never know what tomorrow will throw at you. The best advice I can give is don’t be afraid to ask questions. I have learned so much by asking the unknowns.”

We are glad you got to gain this experience with the Garco team Ethan!

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