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Garco Intern Insider with Aaron Harris

By August 7, 2020 No Comments

What’s it like being an intern at Garco? Well, we’re going to show you! We’ve started interviewing our interns to find out what the experience is like for them and what they are learning about the industry and Garco that will help them as they move forward with their careers.

Meet Aaron Harris. This is his second year interning at Garco and he is currently working out at the SERE Pipeline Dormitory project at Fairchild Air Force Base. He has been able to help with RFI’s and submittals, while also going around and taking photos of the job site. He also handles as-builts and organizes them and RFI’s into their respective places. He ensures daily reports are organized and filed. Aaron has also done some takeoffs on the job site for things like side walks and mow strips.

Aaron says, “I grew up with family in the construction industry and always saw the projects that they had worked on and thought that I wanted to do the same.” The things that have influenced him that most are his interest in building structures and connection to the community. He shares, “I decided to study to be a structural engineer so I could figure out more about the structures of buildings and what makes those structures. Also I liked the idea that something that I helped build would be standing in a town that I grew up in or close to … it would be cool share something I helped build with friends or family in the future.”

His internship has offered valuable insight into the industry. Aaron says that it has shown him there are so many different types of work on the job site, roles that contribute to the job and things each trade does. He adds, “It made my perspective expand from what you see on TV and instead it became a first-hand hand, real life  view of what it is like to truly work in construction. There are so many different careers that work with the same goal of building something that will be around for years to come. In my opinion, the construction industry provides many career opportunities.”

Both Aaron’s grandfather and dad worked at Garco, so he figured he would pursue a career in their footsteps. Aaron says, “I know the Garco culture has a huge emphasis on a family-like atmosphere. Garco is one of the best places to work and I’m glad I chose to do my internship here.”

Aaron encourages other students considering a career in the A/E/C industry to just go for it. “If you are one of those people that wants to say that you helped build something that people have used and will continue to use for years to come even after you are gone, then the A/E/C industry is for you. I can personally say that there has never been a dull day during my internship. There is a lot great people you will meet and a lot of fun to be had while working in the industry. The work could be hard at times, but the memories and time with other people who you would never meet otherwise are priceless.”

One of Aaron’s favorite experiences has been forklift training, adding, “It was pretty fun; not going to lie.” He’s also met people from many different backgrounds and places that he never thought he would meet.

We’re glad you’re getting to experience the industry first-hand Aaron and wish you the best in your studies and on the path to a A/E/C career!