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Toolbox Talk: D-Ring Extenders Best Practices

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D-Ring Extenders Best Practices Safety and fall protection equipment are vital for keeping crews safe while working on construction projects involving heights. Most safety harnesses use D-Rings as the connection…

Toolbox Talk: 4 Keys to Effective Safety Communication

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Communicating occupational safety and health information effectively is crucial to preventing employee injuries and illness. But how can you be sure your message is getting across? Here are some helpful…

Toolbox Talk: Best Practices for an AED

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Caution: The following information was taken from The American Red Cross,"Workplace Training, Standard First Aid Instructor's Manual,"and is intended for information purposes only. This information should not be used in…

Toolbox Talk: Staying Safe While Performing Non-Routine Tasks

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Non-routine work tasks are tasks that employees do not regularly perform or are performing for the first time. Since the tasks are not performed on a routine basis, the likelihood…
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