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Toolbox Talk: Guardrails for Fall Protection

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Guardrails for Fall Protection Each employee shall be protected from falling from exposed sides or edges and objects falling from work areas 4 feet above lower levels. This protection can…

Toolbox Talk: Rebar & Impalement Protection

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Rebar & Impalement Protection Steel reinforcing bars, or rebar, are a common hazard on construction sites. The thin steel bars can stick out from construction projects and pose a hazard…

Toolbox Talk: Fatigue Awareness

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Fatigue reduces a person’s ability to work safely and effectively. As a result, fatigue increases the risk of injuries or other accidents, even though someone’s fatigue may be the result…

Project Update: Washington State Convention Center September Check-In

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Project Overview: Garco is currently working as the concrete subcontractor on the Washington State Convention Center Addition (also known as “Summit Building”). The 1.5 million square foot addition to the…
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September Office Work Anniversaries

Amelia DeMar 9/3

Kathlene Johnson 9/5

Kayla Evans-Roders 9/6

Jon Marcy 9/9

Terry Mazzie 9/16

Scott Battaglia 9/17

Tom Morrow 9/20

Autumn Rice 9/25

October Office Work Anniversaries

David Belling 10/2

Kelsey Hummel 10/7

Steve Hasner 10/12

September Office Birthdays

9/6 Matt Hoffman

9/28 Paul Lucas

9/28 Michael Barr

9/28 Manuel Quintero

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10/1 Jeremy Sweatt

10/11 Clancy Welsh

10/12 Tim Hutton

10/17 Patrick True

10/27 Kevin Schafer

10/31 Jason Burns

10/31 Ara Vigliotta