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Back to Work Safety Reminder

By December 27, 2019 November 30th, 2020 No Comments

The holidays bring loads of fun and celebrations, and usually some extended time off work. As we get back in to the swing of things after Thanksgiving weekend and other upcoming holidays, it is a great time to take a closer look at first day back safety and awareness.

Statistically speaking, Mondays show the highest rate of worker injuries over any other day of the week. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that since 2007, Mondays have have the highest number of workplace injuries every single year with the exception of two years. The same is going to apply on Mondays after a long break and/or the first day back after a holiday break.

Why is the first day back at work more dangerous?

There are likely a multitude of reason. While the BLS does not provide any data on why Mondays have the highest incident rate, we can take an educated guess that lack of focus or attention are major factors. Some other reasons may include:

  • Lower energy or morale
  • Personal matters from the weekend creating addition stress or distraction
  • Hectic or busier coming back from the weekend or time off

It’s important to fend off low energy or morale at the start of the week. Remember that you set the tone for you day and can help influence those around you. Choose to bring good energy, excitement for the week and support for your team to Monday morning and see how that changes the day not only for you but for the entire job site.

Before diving in, take a few steps to prevent injuries on the first day back:

  • Make sure you are fit for work before you start your shift
  • Ensure you can focus on your work and the task at hand
  • Complete inspections of your work area, tools and equipment
  • Take the time to make sure all necessary safeguards are in place
  • Look out for your co-workers
  • Be prepared to stop work if there are hazards that need to be addressed

Remember, safety is built one step at a time!

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