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Energy Efficiencies & More

The Garco corporate office has a total of 70 solar panels installed as part of our commitment to sustainability. Take a look at the impact these have:

West Solar Array

East Solar Array

** the newer, West Array, is AP Systems ECU
the older, East Array, is Solrenview’s ECU.
(ECU = Energy Communications Unit)
Implementing Effective Energy Strategies

We work diligently to be a responsible steward of resources and the environment in our daily operations as a company and in the projects we complete for our clients. Our team is experienced in designing and building projects that can meet a wide range of sustainability, eco-friendly and other important environmental goals. Click here to view some of our sustainable projects.

Sustainability Awards & Accomplishments

2018 Idaho Youth Recycling Partnership | Distinguished Environmental Stewardship Award | Gonzaga University Volkar Athletic Achievement Project

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